Sanchez: Israel’s explanations of the attack on WCK workers in Gaza Insufficient

The Prime Minister of Spain said today Wednesday (3.4.24) that Israel’s explanations of the attack that caused the death of seven workers in the World Central Kitchen humanitarian organisation (WCK) in its Land were “insufficient” and “unacceptable”, calling for further clarification. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke of “a tragic incident in which our forces, unwittingly, have harmed civilians”, pointing out that “these things happen in the war”. At a press conference he granted Qatar, completing his Middle East tour, the Spanish Prime Minister said he expected “much more detailed” explanations from his Israeli counterpart, describing “insufficient” and “unacceptable” those given. “Foreign workers’ bodies moved out of Gaza” The bodies of foreign workers of the WCK relief organization, killed in an Israeli air raid on Gaza, were today transferred to the border crossing with Egypt, with the background of the international community’s outrage at an attack that highlights the risks faced by humanitarian personnel in the enclave. The late Monday night raid hit a three-car convoy and killed seven WCK members, including citizens from Australia, Britain and Poland, a citizen with dual U.S. and Canada citizenship and a Palestinian colleague, buried at his home. These deaths caused the conviction of some of Israel’s closest allies, including US President Joe Biden, who said “enraged” by what he described as a “non-individual incident”. “It is an indication that the weapons provided by the governments of Britain and the US to support the Israeli army of occupation in weapons, money and equipment do not distinguish Palestinians from other nationalities,” said Marwan al Hamms, director of Abu Youssef Al-Najjar hospital in Rafa. The bodies of foreign relief workers were handed over to UN officials in the Egyptian border in order to be transferred to their homelands. The day after the attack, Israel acknowledged that his forces carried out the raid that struck the convoy, but said it was not intentional. He expressed his “deep regret” and pledged a full, independent investigation. The WCK relief organization, founded by the famous chef José Andrés, made known that her staff were traveling in two armored vehicles, bearing the organization logo and along with another vehicle and coordinating their movements with the Israeli army. In Gaza, the fighting continued today, centered around the city of Han Eunice, in the southern part, where health services officials said that at least 3 people were killed in an Israeli bombing. In the city of central Gaza Deir al Balah, in which the Israeli army has not invaded, bombings that launched Israeli tanks were killed at least 4 Palestinians in its southern district, became known by health service officials.