Motor Oil: Profit 806,6 million in 2023, at 1.8 euros total dividend

Its group clearly scored EUR 806 million for 2023, reduced by EUR 968 million in 2022, according to the results announced today (3.4.2024). In detail, Motor Oil’s turnover was respectively EUR 13,3 billion compared to EUR 16,6 billion in 2022 (-20%) and the operating profits EBITDA at EUR 1.38 billion compared to EUR 1.69 billion. Investments increased to 318m euros from 258m euros and are projected to increase further to 340m euros in 2024. The company’s Board of Directors will propose to the general meeting of shareholders the distribution of a dividend of EUR 1.8 per share, (€1.4 after the removal of the dividend of EUR 0,4 already distributed) which is as indicated the highest of the company’s listing. SOURCE: RES-BE