Saints Anargyros: The violent past of the 39 – Rape, drugs and beatings with police officers

A man who was violent, unrelenting to raise his hand repeatedly to his former partner, involved in drugs, trouble and had also carried out an attack on police officers, is the 39-year-old who massacred last night his 29-year-old ex-partner on his doorstep. As reveals, from his record to Security, the 28-year-old slayer at the St.Anargyro police station, on November 24, 2020, had been arrested for the attempted rape of his then-partner, but also for physical harm as the girl had then reported to the police that he attempted to rape her while beating her. At his expense there were even injunctions to keep him away from her. Something she never kept and continued to harass her and pursue her until she took life in this horrible way. In March 2020 and specifically on the 7th, police handcuffed him and led him to Ilio Security, as a small amount of heroin was found on him. A year earlier and in particular on December 6, 2019, he was again arrested for inflicting bodily harm and disturbing common peace. Police officers went to the house of Tinos Street where the man lived and, in their sight, began to insult them, attacked them, while rushing into a uniform like a rabid dog, rolled on the ground throwing punches and kicks. In fact, in order for police officers to get him well and handcuff him, they needed their colleagues’ membership in a police car. In 2010 and in particular on 24 January the same person went to the police and reported, this time as a victim, that strangers had stolen something from him.