Rage in Argentina: Video shows men doing rope with a huge boa

Rage has caused in the video that shows three men making rope using one! Two of the men seem to hold the huge boa by the neck and tail, while the third stands among them and tries to rope, on a dirt road in rural Argentina. Men, begin to violently shake the snake, allowing the third to jump up and down and the snake’s body shakes on the ground. All three men as well as the cameraman are heard laughing when the helpless animal is forced to endure brutality. The test continues for a few seconds until the jumper catches his feet on the boa and falls to the ground laughing. The snake’s mouth seems wide open, possibly trying to bite the man holding it tight by the neck. The strangers were accused of animal abuse by shocked viewers. One user wrote: “This is animal abuse”. “What fools should not do this with one animal,” another wrote and completed another: “The only acceptable end to this video is for the boa to swallow them all.” ‘ This is abuse and not funny, ’ concluded another.