Saints Anargyros: She is shocked by the father of the 28-year-old, “they ask me if I will dress her bride”

Creepy is caused by the new statements of the father of the 28-year-old who by her former partner, just a few meters from the Police Department of whom he had fled to seek protection. Speaking on ANT1’s breakfast, the father of the 28-year-old reported that after the murder of his daughter outside the Aghios Anargyros PD, they ask him about his daughter’s funeral. “Now they tell me how to dress her? What shoes to wear, what dress are they asking me if we’re going to dress her bride? “ He said with a trembling voice. “I didn’t know all about abuse. I knew they were fighting, I said “”Dad always loves you””” he continued adding that he dedicated his whole life, along with his brothers to raise his two daughters. “And now comes this son of a bitch, the lazy, the son of a bitch,” he broke out. “They tell me to go after the police, what to go after the police? Can I say it’s the police? I’m sure everyone has a share of responsibility. They shouldn’t even let her out of the building, stay inside, beat her up for 2-3 hours. Sit here with us to tell her,” she noted afterwards. Asked if he knew about the 39-year-old’s criminal past, the unfortunate father was clear: “He wouldn’t tell me that, because he knew I would take things into my own hands. I wouldn’t leave him like that. They broke up, they were arguing and he was picking him up back, he went back crying and picking him up back.” “It is good to have a noose hung not to come out again,” he said about the perpetrator. Don’t go out again…”.