100 years AEK: This is the balloon that will fly in every corner of Greece.

The celebration of 100 years of life and the “yellow black” FC presented the yellow-black that will star in the celebrations of the club and will cover every part of Greece. The AEK balloon is ready to fly and find itself in various parts of Greece, as part of the Union celebrations for the 100 years since the club was founded. The “yellow black” FC released the first images in view of its maiden flight. The balloon will begin its… trip on April 13, from OPAP Arena. “ Ready to fly up the 100 – year – old AEK balloon! Its construction abroad was completed. His first flight will take place at the big celebration for the one century of our team’s life on 13 April, at OPAP ARENA and then he will travel and take the celebrations to every corner of Greece. 100 years together… and it is only the beginning,” says the “yellow blacks”.