Russia: Putin voted online for the presidential election – “Thank you, you voted successfully”

Through the internet he decided to vote for the presidential election in . Specifically Russian President Vladimir Putin voted online today, on the first day of the presidential election which he is believed to win, re-elected for a new six-year term, in the absence of an opponent. In the footage broadcast by public television Putin heads to an office and sits in front of a computer, with a background of two Russian flags. The computer screen then shows the message “Thank you, you voted successfully”. Кандидат в президенты РБ, действуший глава государства Владимир Путин в Бормате онлайн проголосовал на президентских выборах. Видео: Kremlin. ru — ТАСС (@tass_agency) Please note, however, that with obstacles it flows, as some – few, but impressive – citizens decided to show their opposition to Vladimir Putin and the whole process. At some polling centers in Russia they started “sudden” fires, either in a screen or in the ballot box that will bring Vladimir Putin back to president anyway, while other citizens put liquid in the ballot box to cancel the ballots of the presidential election.