Biden now supports Schumer after “licence” in his statements about Israel

He supported today (15.03.024) many Americans share Chuck Schumer’s concerns, the head of the majority of Democrats in the Senate, who in a recent speech called for a new election in and sharply criticised Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “It was a good speech,” Biden said when asked by reporters at the Oval Office about Sumer’s statements about Israel. “He expressed a serious concern, shared by many Americans,” he added. He also noted that Schumer had informed him and his staff before giving his speech. This statement by Biden however contradicts the clarification of the State Department, that is, his government, which said Sumer’s statements echo his views rather than President Joe Biden’s American government. Schumer, who has always supported Israel and is the highest elected U.S. official of Jewish descent, told the Senate that the Netanyahu government no longer meets the needs of the country.. His speech reflects Washington’s growing irritation with Netanyahu, the way he conducts the war, his failure to protect Palestinian civilians and the perceived obstruction of humanitarian aid in Gaza. International criticisms against the U.S. of their support for Israel are intensifying due to the high number of casualties and the food crisis in the enclave. In the same speech Schumer also criticised the Palestinians who support Hamas and said he should “make way” and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. He argued that it would be a “serious mistake” if Israel rejected the two-state solution and urged negotiators to do everything possible to achieve a ceasefire, release the hostages and pass humanitarian aid to Gaza. Biden’s current comment confirms the gap between Washington and the Israeli government. A few days ago, the American president said Netanyahu is doing “more harm than good in Israel” with the Gaza war.