Russia: Military Aircraft Crash With 15 Passengers · Global Voices

Alarm has meant Russia, where an aircraft crashed. As the first information reports, the military aircraft Il-76, on which 15 people were aboard, crashed shortly after taking off. On videos posted on the platform X looks like the aircraft is on fire with the pilot trying to get away from a residential area. ️ Russian media report that the IL-76 made an “energy landing” in a cemetery near the village of Bogordskoye, about 2 kilometers short of the Northern Airfield in Ivanovo. “According to preliminary data, there were 12 people on board. The board is half destroyed. Now there… — NEXTA (@nexta_tv) BREAKING: A Russian Il-76 transport plane has crashed near Ivanovo, 200 km north-east of Moscow. 12 Russians were on board. Covert work by the Ukrainian intelligence services; A lot of Strange things happening in Russia today… — Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24)