Black Keys: Music documentary about the legendary duet – The “conspiracy” and the huge successes

His own story is expected to be told by Black Keys through a musician who is expected to answer key questions about the legendary duet, such as why they named one of their most popular albums “Brothers”. The documentary “This Is a Film About the Black Keys” talks about the brotherly relationship between the two members of the rock duo, Dan Auerback and Patrick Carney and focuses on some less known, historical tensions between the two, as well as on what links them. The term “constant” (prearranged marriage) is heard more than once in the film, which seems a little strange, based on what is known about the common biographical elements of the duo, refers to a review of Variety. Jeff Dupree’s film monitors the course of Dan Auerback and Patrick Carney from the first musical tests in a basement in Akron, Ohio to the huge success in the rock ‘n’ roll scene. “They knew each other very little when they made their first recordings, however quickly they realized they shared a strong musical connection and a boost for success. Touring incessantly for ten years, the duet managed the top and bottom of life in the tours, eventually reaching escape speed with Brothers and El Camino’s records. As so many forces have threatened to separate them, the band managed to stay together. 24 years later, they are more connected than ever, still making wonderful music and wondering what will follow” refers to the summary of the documentary that premiered worldwide yesterday at the SXSW Festival. ” Their story is really exciting,” the director told ABC Audio. “It’s a story about how these two guys managed to build a friendship on this amazing musical bond they have together”. “As they built this friendship, they often found themselves reluctant to talk to each other about how they felt and when they did, they communicated to each other through their music rather than with words,” stressed Jeff Dupree, who at the creation of the documentary adopted the principle “let music tell the story as much as possible.” “All these songs they wrote all these years, they capture each one a moment in time,” he stressed. “They say who Pat and Dan were at the time and what they were going through, what they were thinking and what they were feeling,” he added.