Rula Pispirigo: “Posaze as a loving mother and killed her quadriplegic daughter with ketamine” writes Daily Mail

‘ She killed her 9-year-old daughter with ketamine” is one of the titles of British , which is mentioned in an article in the Greek Justice decision on her , who was unanimously found guilty of the homicide of little Georgina. Roula Pispiringu was sentenced to life imprisonment for the death of Georgina’s firstborn daughter, with the accused mother hearing the court verdict against her cold and unexplained. The news is also starring in the British Daily Mail, which writes graphically: “Isovia imprisonment in the Greek mother who murdered her 9-year-old quadriplegic daughter, while in the last photo with her child she posed as a loving mother”. The same report points out that Rula Pispiringu is also being investigated for the deaths of her other two children, Malevas and Iris, while reference is made to the insistence of the accused mother that she is innocent during a long trial. And her other two girls in three years. Pispiringu firmly supported her innocence during a long trial.” “In a life sentence a woman who murdered Georgina’s nine-year-old quadriplegic daughter as she was found guilty of premeditated homicide was sentenced to Greece,” is noted in the same report. Life in priority for Greek mother who murked her tetraplegic Nine-year-old Daughter after posing for final photo porting herself as a loving parent — Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) As reported, Rula Pispiringu, 35, proved to have poisoned her daughter with ketamine in 2022. The child stayed months in hospital, as she had seizures that led to paralysis. The court found that her mother had also tried to kill her in at least one of her previous stays at the Karamandane Hospital of Patras’ hometown. The initial attempt failed, leaving her daughter paralyzed. “Pispiringu had posed for one last photo with Georgina, presenting herself as a loving mother, smiling at her little daughter before giving her the fatal dose of anesthetic in January 2022”.