e-katanalotis: More than 3,500 speed codes on the new platform

In the final line is the redesign of e-katanalotis to join new services and become more functional for him, about the cost of products he wants to buy from supermarkets. The codes that the consumer platform will include are increased and according to APR-APR information it is estimated that they will exceed 3,500 speed codes, which means that price comparisons on the platform will, in the near future, constitute 70 – 80% of broad consumption products. Meanwhile, the platform is redesigned in its entirety to include more information on price developments such as the possibility of creating a personal basket that recognises the user’s location and proposes the nearest supermarket to the cheapest price for the consumer’s product while automatically comparing the final prices and proposing options to the consumer. At the same time a water application is being prepared so that, in real time, the consumer can proceed with a complaint. As Minister of Development Costas Skrekas recently explained, speaking with journalists: “We want to strengthen our households. We are interested in having the consumer, indeed, the power of choice in his hands. Choose the products that differ from him and buy them from where he will find them cheaper. We bring to their screen what households do today, i.e., go from store to store looking for the cheapest prices in goods.” As the minister explained, the consumer will be able to make a basket for his purchases and see how much it costs in each chain closest to him, and there will also be the possibility of a proposal to buy in more than one chain for even greater savings. It is noted that it is planned, in collaboration with RAEY, to be able to be informed about the prices of electricity tariffs. Finally, the renewed platform will begin, in the coming period, and an advertising campaign to inform consumers of the benefits they can have from its exploitation.