Rhodes: Arrests for burglaries and thefts in villages of the island with a loot of 153,000 euros

The focus on the gang dislocation that had upset the island’s villagers. Home break-ins had caused a stir… He was dislocated by the Department of Security of Rhodes, a criminal group – gang, whose members violated residences in villages of Rhodes. Two men aged 19 and 29 were arrested, as well as a 29-year-old woman, while two of their accomplices are still sought. The two men along with their accomplices, using a stolen car, moved to villages in Rhodes, where they located dwellings, which they violated by removing jewelry and money. The perpetrators were spotted on Saturday night, March 30, in the village of Pastida by patrolling police officers and in order to avoid imminent control, they fled driving dangerously within residential areas. They then abandoned the car they used in the Calithian area. Inside the vehicle were found burglary equipment, numerous jewels and objects, as well as signs of another vehicle. As ERT broadcast, after a police investigation, the two men and the 29-year-old were spotted at Rhodes airport, where they attempted to board a flight to Athens and were arrested. At their expense a case-file was formed for distinguished theft, criminal organisation, violence against employees, attempted dangerous physical harm and damage to foreign property. In total four house burglaries have been solved, of which they removed jewelry, items, and money of an estimated total value of 153,000 euros, a car theft, which they used, as well as two signs thefts from other vehicles. According to the Police, burglaries and thefts were committed in the period from December 2023 to 30 March 2024. Arrested were taken to the District Attorney’s Office of Primary Rhodes.