Returns to the ND the Regional Governor George Amanatidis – The first statement after the removal of his deletion

Its member is the Regional Governor George Amanatidis again. Former ND MP George Amanatidis had been deleted when he decided to “downhill” for Regional Governor of Western Macedonia in the October 2023 election, against the candidate with the official nomination of the party. He even managed to win. So now there has been a removal of the deletion, and George Amanatidis will be present at the ND event in Kozani on Sunday (31.03.2024) for the 50 years of the NW. George Amanatidis’ statement “After the removal of my deletion by a member of the New Democracy party in a period of challenges and need for co-ordination and common goals, as is also appropriate to the N.D. and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, I declare present. The European elections in June are expected to be the starting point for our country to continue to improve in a Europe that will constantly develop and forge its unity. That is why it is very important to look, as many as possible, at the same point and project our country in the future an integral part of a changing world with our active participation. On this occasion I declare myself self-evident. My function, in the context of a European and National policy, which includes the Region of Western Macedonia, cooperation with the Government, institutional bodies and citizens of Western Macedonia without separation and coloring, imposes and leaves behind the small, seeing the future with a clear look and an open horizon. Our place requires accompaniment and the country’s prospects become visible without clouds.”