Lotto 2505: These are the lucky numbers

Lottery number 2505, today Saturday 30/03/2024. Everything you need to know. The lucky numbers are 2, 7, 20, 30, 31, 34. Lotto players claim up to 10,000 euros each month, for 10 years, as this is the prize for first-class winners. In addition to the winners of the first category who correctly predict 6 numbers, fixed monthly payments will also be received by the winners of the second, with 5 successful predictions. Specifically, they will earn 1,000 euros a month for a year. The draws of the renewed LOTO take place every Wednesday and Saturday, at 22:00 and are broadcast live from the OPAP channel on Youtube. Players can deposit their cards at OPAP stores throughout Greece or online via up to half an hour before each draw. In the new LOTO, winners in the third category, with 4 correct numbers forecasts win 30 euros, while 3 correct numbers earn 2 euros. Moreover, for the first time those who correctly predict 2 numbers earn 1 euros. LOTO players have the option of selecting a full or standard system, and at their disposal the random selection of numbers remains. In addition, with the same bulletin they can take part in consecutive draws, as well as the draw of PROTO.