Rethymno: She gave birth to 14-year-old girl in hospital – Three arrests by police

A minor girl in and brought the world a healthy baby. Police officers who were notified went on three arrests… Shocked by a case handled by police in Rethymno involving a Bulgarian minor who gave birth to a healthy baby in a city hospital. The 14-year-old girl resides, with her Bulgarian mother and Romanian stepfather, in the city in recent years. The doctors have notified the police and three arrests have already been made. With the people accused of giving their own explanations, in a case that strongly puzzles the authorities.’s information says they have handcuffed three adult Romanian citizens who are accused of sexual intercourse with 14-year-old Bulgarian. The minor visited with her mother a private gynecologist, as she faced an anomaly with her period. He found himself pregnant and even in the seventh month. He referred her to the hospital. Then the 14 – year – old and her mother went to the hospital, where doctors took care of her. A few days ago the underage girl brought a healthy baby into the world. At the hospital, however, it was found that there was no father and police authorities were immediately informed. From the pre-interrogation, it emerged that the 14-year-old had the previous months a relationship with two adult men (the 44-year-old and 48-year-old, who were even reportedly having sexual intercourse with the minor and that, as they said, was known to her parents. At the same time, reportedly, the 46-year-old stepfather of the minor, who was also arrested for the same reason. With the case being taken to Justice and both men being taken to the interrogator, one of the two (the 48-year-old) reportedly said that if the child was found to be his, he would recognize it.