Opel Experimental sees in the dark: “Painting with Light”

The one, which Florian Huettl, CEO of Opel, presented to the public for the first time in last year’s IAA Mobility exhibition in Munich, shows the future of the brand, summed up in three words: Greenovation: Opel Experimental is fully electric, with reduced carbon footprint. Detox: His design is bold and simple and focuses on the essentials. Modern German: It impresses with its proportions, smart aerodynamics, extremely efficient exploitation of spaces and top lighting technology, including Opel’s illuminated emblem. Opel Experimental philosophy is expressed through the video. It travels viewers to a night experiment and presents future lighting technologies. At the same time, it proves that innovative lighting technology will in future be capable of much more than just street and surrounding lighting. It will increase security and comfort while at the same time giving birth to feelings. The innovative Opel Experimental shows what the future might look like. Inside, electrochromatic materials plunge passengers into atmospheric light, creating a well – being climate. These materials also have practical properties. For example, if a vehicle, a cyclist or a pedestrian is in the blind spot of Opel Experimental, a colour warning appears inside the corresponding door, as well as the head-up display. In addition, the external side view is recorded by cameras and shown on the inner surface of the door. This creates an optical “translucent” effect, which allows outward view and further improves visibility. The new technology increases the mood and increases the wellness factor in the cabin, while improving the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users, thanks to atmosphericly changing light. This is what Opel describes as “Painting with Light”. In the video “Painting with Light”, Opel Experimental also shows how future lighting technology improves visibility in completely unusual ways. Thanks to the riveting, digital security technologies, vehicles like Opel Experimental can identify pedestrians faster and cleaner than ever. Then, increased reality-based technology creates a pulsed warning signal and displays other important messages and signals for road drivers and users, through holograms. “We want to optimize light for the driver and for the camera, so that with the help of artificial intelligence he can recognize people and animals even better”, explains Philipp Röckl, Global Lead Complex Lighting in Stellantis. The lighting, camera and sensor technology, as well as algorithms, must cooperate so that the car’s predictability and therefore safety enhancement capabilities are optimised in any case. Opel Pixel Vizor: light as a communication tool Opel has already shown with the award-winning how light signals can cause emotions and increase security. Wherever it appears, the state-of-the-art unique model with retro appearance attracts looks of admiration. This is due, among other things, to the innovative Opel Pixel Vizor on the front of Manta Gse. The vehicle may communicate with its environment via Pixel Vizor, in which messages such as: “My German heart has been ELECTRified. I am on a zero e-mission / My German heart became Electric. I am on a shipment of zero pollutants.” Engineers are constantly working on this new form of communication, aiming to increase safety for all street users. The new, atmospheric video “Painting with Light” gives an idea of what these developments might look like in the future.