Re-admission of our country in Turkey 49 irregular migrants

    In accordance with the procedures for the implementation of the Joint Declaration by the European Union -Turkey of 18 March…
    was held successfully today, April 26, 2016, the return in Turkey, a total of 49 irregular migrants, nationals of Iran, Jordan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.
    Their return was carried out with three ships chartered by Frontex, which sailed from Lesvos, Chios and Kos to the respective ports of delivery points in Turkey.
    In particular :
    from Mytilene departed -13 – third-country nationals (8 to nationals of Afghanistan, 4 nationals of Iran and 1 citizen of Jordan,
    from the island of Chios -5 – third-country nationals (4 nationals of Afghanistan and 1 national of Iran), and
    from Kos -31 – third-country nationals (18 nationals of Bangladesh, 4 nationals of Pakistan and 9 nationals of Myanmar).
    The process of refunds will continue in the next period of time, in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement between the EU and Turkey on 18 March.
    Based on this agreement, up to now have been returned to Turkey 374 foreigners.