A. Tsipras hits like a man decapitates 16 and renews the government’s figure

    The cabinet will proceed after the closure of the assessment of the prime minister as show all the data so far…
    Alexis Tsipras made a deep incision in the government in order to ανατιστρέψει the heavy negative sentiment. The information indicate that the prime Minister hits like a man decapitates 16 and renews the government’s figure.
    They have already started and there are a lot of scenarios.
    From εξωκοινοβουλευτικούς loud play the names of Fotis Kouvelis (probably with Justice), the Μαριλίζας Xenogiannakopoulou, and most recently on the list that entered and those of Christos Zoe (has a background in the caretaker government that led the country to elections), but also the Grace Καστανίδης that has excellent relations with the Luka Katseli.
    Also sounds strongly how they will be used: Nikos Μανιός, George screwed up, Nikos Συρμαλένιος, Socrates Famellos and Makis Mpalaoyras.
    The list of the ministers who risk being left out is long and includes the names of Th. Dritsas, D. Μάρδα, New York. Xydakis, N. Friend, No. Cleaver, R. Antonopoulou, Th. Tzakri, Etc. Φωτάκη, Etc. Blonde, N. Tosca, Ii. Πολάκη, C. Balafas, M. Χρυσοβελώνη, B. Apostolou, Th. Cinematic images and Tues. Alexiadis.