Question 37 Members of the SOUTHWEST for the Insurance-Pension of the Armed Forces and Security forces

    From the side of the Τομεαρχών of Public Order & Citizen Protection and National Defence of the New Republic mr Demetris Κυριαζίδη and Athanasios Davaki, tabled question in the House of the Greeks, which was co-signed by 35 other Members of the Party, which highlighted the serious problems that have caused and continue to cause changes in the insurance-pension of the personnel of the Armed Forces and the Security corps. Five months after the passing of law. 4387/2016 and because of the contradictory, vague and mainly ανερμήνευτου content of the new provisions, the services of the General Accounting office are unable to proceed with the issue of pension operations, with the result that the families of those personnel of the Armed Forces and Security forces have left the service facing a serious problem of survival. And not only so, but those who are still in service may not know which regime will leave, and mainly with what are the provisions and how they will calculate the pension.
    The Government is obliged to solve the problem he created, in so far as the personnel of the Armed Forces and Security forces, the less they require from this is the respect in dealing with their issues, as a minimum recognition of the valuable and extensive contribution to the society as a whole.