Pulse poll: With 18 units ahead the ND for European elections, second Syriza, fall for PASOK

The New Democracy remains dominant in view of the European elections according to the Pulse poll for the SKEI’s main newscast. According to the results of the research conducted by Pulse between April 1 and 3, New Democracy brings together 33%, SYRIZA 15%, PASOK 12.5%, followed by the Greek Solution with 9%, the KKE with 8.5%, Niki and the Freedom Sailing with 3.5% and the Spartans and the New Left with 3%. The Democrats of Andrew Loverdos were counted at 1.8%. In the intention of voting with all the answers, the New Democracy, according to the Pulse poll, leads by 28.5% while SYRIZA takes on and is purely second by 13%. PASOK follows with 11%, the Greek Solution with 8.5% and the KKE with 7.5%. At 3% is the Victory and the Freedom Sea while at 2.5% the Spartans and the New Left. On the question of who is best Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis leads with 34% and then Stefanos Kasselakis 12%, Nikos Androulakis 8%, Kyriakos Velopoulos with 7% and Dimitris Koutsumbas with Zoe Konstantopoulou with 5%. Regarding Stefanos Kasselakis’ proposal for early national elections 51% sees it negatively or rather negatively while 35% positive or rather positive. For the opposition’s proposal for pre-interrogation for Tempes 61% sees it as positive or rather positive while negative or rather negative considers it 28% In the question of what concerns citizens, accuracy and the economy are first with an overwhelming 44%. Crime with 7% followed by Health with Justice with 5%.