Onyx Dive: Greek F-16 fly with U.S. Air Force bomber

Co-education under the name “Onyx Dive”, between the Air Force (USA) and aircraft B-1B from the 9th Expeditionary Bomber Squadron, the US European Command (USEUCOM), took place within the FIR Athens. 8 F-16 fighter aircraft from 330M and 341M from 111 Battle Wing participated in Greek-American co-education, on an escort mission of 1 B-1B bomber, while a Defence Counter Air – DCA and Attacker (Offensive Counter Air – OCA) was performed. The purpose of co-education “Onyx Dive” was to increase operational readiness, interoperability, combat capability, as well as further upgrade the military co-operation of the two War Airs. See photos: source: Onalert.gr