Professionals and farmers: What applies to the insurance capacity of debtors from today

A new landscape is formed from today (1.4.2024) for the debtors of free professionals and . And that is because they lose their insurance capacity to the private sector those professionals and farmers have not regulated or paid their insurance debts until yesterday (31.03.24). This means that these debtors do not have the right to be prescribed by private doctors, while they do not have coverage by EEAY in private clinics and diagnostics. However, these debtors retain their insurance capacity in the public sector. This means that these debtors can receive a prescription from public sector doctors (SY, health centres) and also have coverage from EOPY for examinations and hospitalisation in public hospitals. Of course, any debtor now making a (24 installments) or paying off one-off debts to the EPCA may also have insurance coverage in the private sector. In other words, the government has tabled an amendment, which it is expected to vote on within the current week (i.e. until 5 April), giving insurance capacity to those professionals and farmers who have insurance debts up to 100 euros.