Crete: On the stand for the death of a mother and daughter in a car accident in Fates

The accident had devastated the whole country. Mother and daughter died instantly at an intersection… The car accident occurred when mother and daughter were returning home to Crete. The car was driven by the 37-year-old and behind her 3-year-old daughter was sitting in a baby seat. In conflict with a farm at an intersection the thread of their lives was cut instantly. With the images from the point and the shocking description of the father and grandfather of the victims causing emotion in an entire country. For today it has been determined that the case of the terrible car accident that caused Crete and the whole of Greece to tear down at the Trimeles Court of Heraklion after a postponement. This is the double tragedy on a Fates road, in January 2021, with victims of 37-year-old lieutenant Olga Franciadakis and her only 3-year-old daughter, Stella. Mother and daughter found an instant death a few meters away from home when the passenger car they were riding was hit by passing rural, which fell upon them like a deadly bullet. It is shocking the video from the moment of the collision as the passenger on which a mother and child were aboard was lifted up into the air and hurled with force in the street prairies. It is recorded to disperse within a blinding flash of death. The stand is referred to as the driver of the involved agricultural, Albanian citizenship, who at that time worked in a large oil factory in the region. It is referred to as being tried on the charge of manslaughter by a serial negligence against the 37-year-old lieutenant and her 3-year-old daughter, while also facing the charge of physical harm from negligence. Unlucky Olga served in the Archane-Asterousia Police Department and was also married to a police officer. They had created a beautiful family with their two children, the wrongful Stella and her older brother. Remember in the video below what the security cameras in Crete recorded about the car accident that devastated the local community. The shocking accident occurred on 12 January 2021, six minutes before 17:30 in the afternoon, on the provincial street of Galilee- Fate, at the height of the Galas junction to the Shownette. It was a routine route to Olga that on that day was meant to be the last of her life.