Premier League: Tottenham won by overthrowing Luton, Nottingham Forest took the rank

The won 2-1 with Luton overturning and rose to the first four of the score in the Premier League, while the took a point in her seat against Nottingham Forest. Tottenham although she was back, managed to win Luton in London, with Angel Postekoglu’s team rising to the fourth place of the Premier League, having a match more than the tied Aston Villa (he excels in their games). A 1-1 draw for Nottingham Forest against Crystal Palas, with homeowners located at +1 from the relegation zone. Of the remaining matches Chelsea was unable to win Burnley, with the two teams coming tied 2–2. The results of Saturday (30/03/24) in the Premier League Tottenham – Luton 2-1 Nottingham – Crystal Palace 1-1 Chelsea – Burnley 2–2 Sheffield United – Fulham 3–3 Bornmouth – Everton 2–1