Michaelidou: Aim to implement targeted programmes for youth employment and entrepreneurship

The assurance that Greece has the necessary potential to star in the transition towards a sustainable future and to strengthen it, expressed by the Minister of Labour, in a video message at the 18th multi-session “Innovation & Development” of ka-business.gr, held today (30.3.2024) in Thessaloniki. Domna Michailidou has announced that it is in the government’s immediate plans to implement targeted programmes to integrate young people into the labour market, gain professional experience and strengthen youth entrepreneurship. “All of this, combined with the use of available financial instruments, can lead to the fight against youth unemployment and the turn towards a more sustainable and durable economy for future generations,” the minister stressed. He described youth unemployment as one of the most widespread challenges for modern society, which not only deprives young people of the ability to contribute actively to the economy, but also undermines social cohesion. “The sustainable development models and the encouragement of innovation are important factors in shaping an economy that will prosper in the future, while ensuring opportunities for everyone. This problem is detected at a pan-European level and therefore the funds to be invested are more than ever. That is why we must move quickly and effectively to find ways of absorbing them in the labour market,” he stressed. He added that mismatching the skills offered with the real needs of the labour market is an important cause for the low participation of young people in the labour market. “To this end, the importance of youth training cannot be underestimated in a world changing rapidly. Continuing education and skill development are highlighted in necessary conditions to ensure good jobs for our young people, but also to gain the necessary adaptability to the new challenges coming. Sectors such as green energy, digital technology, sustainable agriculture and health will be, if they are not already at the heart of the needs for future occupations. Investment in education and training, with emphasis on digital skills, green technology and entrepreneurship is essential,” noted the Minister of Labour, who stressed that “we should encourage the development of innovation ecosystems, where cooperation between the public and private sectors, and the academic community, will be the driving force for the emergence of new business activities.”