PPC and Motor Oil will produce green hydrogen from 2027 in Western Macedonia

Green plans to produce from 2027 PPC’s consortium with Motor Oil in the West. According to the CEO of the consortium called Hellenic Hydrogen, Dimitris Triantafyllopoulos, the project North project 1, which will produce green hydrogen, is planned to operate from 2027 on an area of steam power station in Amyndeon, Macedonia. The 130m-euro and 100 MW budget project is carried out in the context of Western Macedonia’s energy transition to pass from lignite to green age with the appropriate investments that will support employment and the local economy. In this way Western Macedonia will become the first region of our country to produce green hydrogen, which is produced from renewable sources and is zero emissions. Hydrolysis plants will consume the excess production of RES in those hours that are not necessary for the electricity network. Thus, they will operate as a chemical energy storage providing a valuable service to the country’s electrical system. This Hellenic Hydrogen unit will be able to produce 6,000 tonnes per year for final use in industry and transport, in order to reduce their emissions and achieve our country’s 2030 and even further targets. According to the administration, in order to achieve the project, it should in principle ensure a competitive electricity price through bilateral contracts with green producers. At the same time, the consortium is invited to enter into contracts for the sale of the hydrogen produced. Finally, it is worth noting that four hydrogen projects are planned in Western Macedonia as a whole.