‘ In the air” from today the Savings platform for energy upgrading businesses

Today, on Tuesday (12.3.2024) the platform for submitting applications with a deadline until 31 March for the pre-published programme “-Owner” aimed at saving energy in the tertiary sector (trade and services and tourism), reducing emissions of pollutants that contribute to the deterioration of the greenhouse effect and achieving a cleaner environment, while yesterday the platform was “up” specifically for . It is noted that this programme “Economy- Business is EUR 176.75 million and is implemented with the support of the Recovery and Durability Fund and is addressed to all business sizes. The aim of the project is the energy upgrading of buildings and non-building facilities of existing enterprises—very small, small, medium, large and very large—of the Greek Territory, active in eligible Codes of Activity (CDCs) by the branches of trade, services, focus, the production of bakery and pastries, as well as tourism. It is also noted that these companies should have Greek VAT and be active at the date of submission of the application. Especially for tourist enterprises, the right to participate shall have as many, in accordance with the operating mark or notification as possible, capacity not exceeding 200 beds. The budget – public expenditure and private participation, without VAT – of any investment proposal for a potential beneficiary of aid may not exceed EUR 500,000 for the tourism sector and, respectively, may not exceed EUR 250,000 for the trade and service sector. The beneficiary companies will receive aid for the implementation of interventions concerning: energy upgrading of building shells (e.g. thermal insulation, the installation of shading systems), energy saving in space heating systems (replacement of boilers from heat pumps) and cooling spaces (replacement of cooling), ventilation, hot water use, replacement of energy-intensive equipment related to the production process of the services provided (e.g. ovens, refrigerators), etc. The rate of aid for eligible expenditure may be up to 65%. It depends on the type and size of the business. Applications for funding under the programme: ‘Improving the energy efficiency of enterprises in the tertiary sector’ shall be submitted through the electronic platform: by 31-3-2024. The first in-First out method applies to the programme. In fact, in order to inform the public, for the better and timely preparation of stakeholders, the programme was pre-published on 14.2.2024 on the official websites of the Ministry of Culture and RIS.