Positive messages from the report, tourism in Poland which participated in the Region of Crete

Positive messages for the incoming tourism of Poland the… 2016 in accordance with the figures recorded in 1 exclusive tourism exhibition in Greece, entitled “Grecka Panorama” which took place in Warsaw, Poland.
In the report a duration of three days held view of Crete, B2B meetings between professionals of the tourism industry while at the same time was informative Forum of tourism operators in the Polish market, where it was presented the profile of the Polish tourist. In the report from Crete participated tour operators and representatives of the Region of Crete was represented by the Executive director of Tourism Michael Βαμιεδάκης and Regional Consultants George Δελημπαλταδάκης and Olga Λεβάκη.
Greece, as mr Βαμιεδάκης, is a favorite destination for the Poles, with total arrivals of close to 600,000 visitors in our country.
“The report was successfully completed after the traffic to the kiosk of the Region of Crete was particularly great, and held meetings with important business people and contacts with tour οπερέιτορ who have expressed their interest for our island,” said the Executive director of tourism Michael Βαμιεδάκης, adding: “The Crete comes in first place in the preferences of Poles with arrivals that exceeded 100,000. The first samples of the bookings for 2016 are encouraging, showing the island of Crete in the first 5άδα preferences generally of Polish tourists and first among the Greek destinations. The Polish market is one of the most important and promising emerging markets of Europe for Greece and Crete in particular”. The exhibition held on the premises of the “Torwar Arena” was visited by more than 5,000 people who have expressed their desire to make their holidays 2016 in Greece and in Crete.
The exhibition in Poland was the continuation of the two successful exhibitions of tourism “Grekland Panorama” in Stockholm, Sweden.