This will clean the inside of your bag

Every girl who respects himself has a bag (at least)…
to be on the inside of the bad guy losing. More and some powder will have a break in there, there was always a crumb of forgotten bun will be holed up for months, and some crumpled up receipt will remind you of the last time (in drachmas) did centuries ago. The bag is the Alpha and the Omega of the dress you both for practical reasons and from the point of view style. Somewhere in here I remembered my friend Stella who’s in the bag of everything you could possibly need, from lighter (while not smoking) until clippers for nails – because you never know what might happen. That is what I see and I the ideal handbag, like a little kit for emergencies. What do you mean you can’t fit all your cosmetics in there?
But at some point you have to clean up, too this desolate bag. You carry so much junk in there that the weight is close to tears. I suggest you to vacate, to clear what you keep and what is not and then to clean it and the inside fabric only that he knows what he’s been through. I think, actually, only I’m gone from there.
What do we need? The miracle tool that makes the lint from the clothes.
What do we do? After emptying completely the bag, pass the roller on the inside, from one end to the other, so as to clean every inch. It may take time or may take a few repetitions, it doesn’t matter, it’s worth it.