POS: As of today payment by card – Fines in 35 retail branches

As of today (01.04.2024) the compulsory provision of payment with POS machines comes into force – after the extended period. Fines will be imposed on any company belonging to the 35 branches of the retail trade, which, after checking, has not been linked to the . Those professionals who have not complied will face the 1,500 euros fine. This cash machine interconnection obligation – POS concerns more than 136,000 freelance professionals and self-employed in retail, taxi, leasing companies, life insurance, etc. The 35 branches that are required from today to have POS are: – Retail trade in non-specialised stores that sell mainly food, beverages or tobacco – Other retail trade in non-specialised stores – Retail trade of other foodstuffs in specialised stores – Retail trade in food, beverages and tobacco, outdoor stalls and markets – Retail trade in textiles, clothing and footwear, outdoor stalls and markets – Retail trade of other items in open-air stalls and markets – Other retail trade in non-store, outdoor ice or shopping – Exploitation of taxis – Leasing – Life insurance – Activities related to transactions in securities and goods contracts – Other activities related to financial services and pension funds – Risk assessment and losses – Insurance and pension insurance activities – Insurance and pension funds activities – Insurance and pension funds management activities – Insurance and insurance and insurance services