Akesh Skertsos: Kasselakis is heaven down, he has the soul of Polakis

Tough criticism was made to him by the Minister of State describing the sky descending. “We need more moderation and soundness, to dip the language in the mind and to know what environment we are in,” he stressed on the occasion of the proposal of SYRIZA President Stefanos Kasselakis for double elections, Minister of State Akis Skertsos speaking to SKAI. “Unfortunately, Mr. Kasselakis has come down to a political environment that for 50 years has conquered political stability and normality, the inviolability of the elections and that is not just what we as a government call it, the judicial associations, the legal associations that have been in charge of overseeing the elections,” were the words of the Minister of State. About what Stefanos Kasselakis said about placing international observers during the elections he said that “what he brought as a proposal to come international observers, Mr Kasselakis did not know, but in every election there are.” When asked why he believes that the president of SYRIZA has moved on to this proposal, he argued that “Mr. Kasselakis has the soul Polakis and says every day things that neither Mr. Tsipras, characterized by populism, dared to utter.” On the Tempes issue he said it is “a trauma to all of us and I answer daily to render the truth”. With regard to the complaints about ‘movage’ and cover-up,” he said that “this will prove it by justice” Regarding the releases of the Tembe tragedy, Mr Skertsos said that “I cannot judge the decisions of justice.”