Poland: At least 5 Tree Fall Dead

At least 5 people were killed today (01.04.2024) by falls of trees in the south which were swept by powerful people who drowned at a speed of up to 155 km/h in the Tatra Mountains. In the city of Rabka- Zdroi of Poland two adults and a child were fatally wounded when they were crushed by a tree that was uprooted by the strong winds. In the popular Zakopane resort, a 23 – year – old woman and a 9 – year – old boy found death in such an incident. Firefighters intervened this morning in 140 locations to remove trees that had fallen into roads or had caused damage to roofs of homes, according to a Polish media report. The strong winds today followed a three – day unusually high temperatures. On Saturday, mercury dropped a record for the season, climbing to 26.4 degrees Celsius in Tarnuf City, highlights the Polish news agency (PAP).