Elena Akrita answers Mareva Grabovski: I’ll ask for my immunity. My ear doesn’t sweat.

A new post was made by the , with which he responds to Mareva Mitsotakis – Grabovski, who intends to press charges against his journalist and MP According to the ND Following yesterday’s slanderous post of SYRIZA Member of State Elena Akrita, the content of which was repeated today, Mrs Mareva Grabowski Mitsotakis will take the next few years the necessary legal actions under civil and criminal law, in order to restore its truth and personality. We believe it goes without saying that the whole of the SYRIZA parliamentary group will accept the lifting of Mrs Acritta’s immunity in order to answer to justice for her false and slanderous allegations.” So now Helena Acritta states that she will now ask for her immunity to be lifted, and that she does not “sweat” her ear. See the suspension Mareva Mitsotaki said she would sue me for my post that was purely political and not personal and that is why I am not changing either “and”. I’m waiting for her and I’m telling her I’m gonna ask for my immunity. I’m not a coward, I’m not sweating my ear out of threats and I’m not hiding from anyone. I can hardly wait to meet with the Prime Minister’s wife and finally reveal to us the origin of the 40 properties, the whole truth about the Voltaire house and if she knows how and where the nearly 500,000,000 New Democracy debt was wasted where the Greek taxpayers paid out of our pocket. A bitot, madame.