Pitsilis (ADE): We paid 1.2 billion euros for tax refunds in the first two months of 2024

He paid 1.2 billion euros for tax refunds in the first two months of the year, or 435m euros more than last year, as the commander of the Independent Authority, George Pitsilis, said at the Panhellenic Exporters Association conference on “The Increasing Extroversion of the Greek Economy”. Mr Pitsilis referred to the strategic planning of AADE with the focus of supporting the extroversion of businesses and simplifying administrative burdens. As he noted, the international economy has changed and the latest developments in technology affect structurally and structurally the business and this also leads to the development of digital customs and tax services. Especially for customs he stressed that the satisfaction index from customs services has reached 77% from 35% in 2015. An important job has been done, but we have many things to do, as he said and for example said the “one box” to be delivered within the year is being prepared. “The integrated vehicle container monitoring system will come out in competition over the next few days and change the map by protecting healthy business action,” he noted. Mr Pitsilis said that 226 guaranteed exporter licences have already been granted and added “we will continue to support healthy business. We have set the bar high.” Source: RES – ICM