China: 7 seven killed by heavy storms – Winds sucked people out of broken windows

Incredible are the images coming from China with bad weather having caused the death of seven people. Specifically heavy storms with hurricane-class winds led to the death of 7 people in the southern Jiangshi province of China from the weekend, three of whom “sucked” winds when they broke windows in their apartments in a multi-story building while sleeping resulting in the vacuum. Extreme weather, which began on March 31, has hit nine cities, including Nanchang and Jiujiang, affecting 93,000 people in 54 counties, the flood response agency in Jiangshi Province announced. On Sunday, the extreme storm was accompanied by heavy wind bursts that ripped out of their frames windows with door size in a multi-story building in Nanchang, the province’s capital. Three people were lured from their beds and found in the void, losing their lives, according to local media. Officials said today that seven people have so far lost their lives throughout the province and 552 were forced to leave their homes. They also stated that 2.751 homes were damaged. Four people were killed and more than 10 others injured as a result of the severe comparable weather that hit Nanchang in eastern China’s Jiangxi Province on Sunday. — CGTN Europe (@CGTNEurope) Strong storms, the strongest for over a decade, accompanied by lightning, heavy rainfall and hail with golf ball size also caused damage of 150 million yuan ($21 million) according to local officials. Extreme strong convenient weather secured in Nanchang, East China’s Jiangxi Province, on Sunday, with 13 meteorological observation stations recording record wind breaks and lighting 2,783 times. More than half of the city’s meteorological stations served wins… — Global Times (@globaltimesnews) 📹 A powerful downburst unleashes chaos A few hours ago a supercell storm left extreme wins as it passed through this region of China, with several deaths and injuries reported. — Meteored | (@MeteroredUS) E China’s Jiangxi Province recently experienced some major Meteorological Disasters. As of April 1st, the severe coherent weather has resulted in 4 fatalities and more than 10 injuries in Nanchang, the capital city of the province. — People’s Daily, China (@PDChina) The weather service had issued warnings of severe winds up to level 12 on the relevant local scale, corresponding to a Category Hurricane 1. Winds of such intensity are common when hurricanes hit China and generally eastern Asia but are rarely seen in hinterland areas, such as Jiangshi Province. The Chinese weather service maintained the highest tier, orange, weather alert in several regions of southeastern China as strong winds, hailfalls, and storms continue today.