Peristeri – Colossus Rhodes: A song of AC/DC entered instead of the National Hymn before the race began

AC/DC song instead of him sounded before the game’s jackpot Peristeri – Colossus Rhodes for the Basketball League championship, an incident that caused sensation. The Peristeri – Colossus Rhodes match was marked by an unfortunate incident before the game began, as all players were prolonged and ready to listen to the National anthem, from the loudspeakers of the stadium a song of AC/DC was heard. This incident did not last long as the field manager changed the music as soon as possible, putting the National Hymn however for bad luck, his mistake was recorded by the television camera. In fact, everyone looked at this particular incident, while the speakers made the relevant recommendations to the attendees. It is worth noting that before each game of the Basket League the National Hymn will be heard, in a new move taken by the federation.