Peppa pig: Because children love her and parents hate her.

One of the animated fans around the world as shown in more than 180 countries, even in our country, is “. ” Peppa pig, is a series for pre-school children, launched on May 31, 2004 by Britain, while each episode has a duration of five minutes. Peppa is four years old and lives with her family, mom pig, dad pig who is an architect, as well as George piggy who is her brother, while her best friend is Susie the sheep. Through the series, we see Peppa’s daily activities and adventures, which has human characteristics: lives in house, clothes, goes to school, plays with her friend, while maintaining the characteristics of these animals (e.g. pigs love to play in mud baths). In addition to television, “Peppa the Pigunaki” has expanded its activity to other areas, such as cinema, theatre, book writing and game creation, resulting in revenue, increasing with geometric progress each year. According to estimates, profits for the production company exceeded $1 million for 2017. At the same time, Harley Byrd who had “borrowed” her voice in Peppa from 2007 to 2020, won over 1,000 euros an hour for her role. Also, for 13 years a theme park has been operating in New Forest National Park located in Hampshire, Britain. The park is outdoor, has mud baths and water slides, theme buildings, as well as various venues for children to play. However, there is also the other side of the coin about Peppa, as several parents from different countries have expressed their concern, considering it to be a negative model for their children. Peppa may be spontaneous, however, some consider it to be becoming often obnoxious, rude, as well as to be derogatory and contemptuous towards her father, due to his large abdomen, as well as against her younger brother. The series has been censored in China, after the country decided to ban it, with the argument that the piggy displays and promotes abusive behaviour. Indicative is the fact that the company that has undertaken the show’s screening (Astley Baker Davies) was severely criticized when Peppa went along with her family driving by car, without wearing seat belts, or when Peppa rode a bike, without wearing a helmet. In addition, Australian television banned as a protection measure a particular episode that taught children not to fear spiders, especially in a country where there are several poisonous spiders. Also, several parents from the US react primarily to her rudeness. Peppa may therefore be a controversial character, however, there are those who argue that the piggy behaves just like the little children, who are sometimes quiet, and sometimes naughty, while in general the series is a ‘gold’ opportunity, so that parents can talk to their children about how they should behave.