Patras: The mother of 13-year-old Panagiotis who died of cancer breaks hearts

Last goodbye to the 13-year-old child who died after a great battle with . Broken by his close relatives and friends in … The last act of the drama is played in Patras, with the funeral of 13-year-old Panayiotis. A great fighter who never gave up. He was trying to give his parents strength and courage. To comfort his mother, who saw the end of her child approaching. The doctors had described the situation as irreversible months ago, but Panayiotis continued to fight and endured longer than they predicted. In his short passage from life, he managed to make friends who are now inconsolable. Like the close relatives and teachers he had at school. The young Panayiotis Angelopoulos was hospitalized for days at the Pediatric Clinic of the University Hospital in Patras. The 13-year-old finally left his last breath on Tuesday (02.04.2024). The child’s condition had deteriorated in recent months with the treating physicians of the Aglaia Kyriak Pedoncology Department giving him only a few days of life. Panayiotis, however, struggled to hold on to life and “consisted” longer than they gave him. Panayiotis’ parents got divorced a few years ago and both decided to rebuild their lives. The unfortunate child had accepted the separation and had lovingly embraced the members of the new families his parents had acquired. On the side of the 13-year-old, of course, his grandparents were not missing who permanently offered support to both him and his parents. The little Panayiotis on Sunday would become 13 years old. He was a brave kid who had dreams about his life. He loved music and singing. He learned piano and wanted his tunes to fill the world with joy. His mother was impossible to reconcile with the idea of loss. As the reports, in recent days he has been monologued: “I haven’t had enough of him yet. My arms can’t be emptied that fast. It gave me life and strength. It was my breath. He always held my hand and said ‘‘We’ll make it’’. Throughout his adventure he had next to him the great family of the “Flonce” and the care that provided him with the staff of the University Pediatric Clinic. Its exodus will be held at noon in Agia Paraskevi Platanovrosis Achaia.