Panseriac – Star of Tripoli 2-0: First win for “lions” in Super League playouts

He won 2–0 home for the Super League playout’s second game out, with Pablo Garcia’s team reaching victory thanks to the goals of Amr Warda and Tasu Avlonitis. In the game with which the curtain of the second Super League playout was opened, Panserraikos won 2–0 of Star Tripoli at home and was removed from the last positions of the score, with the “lions” showing that they will be difficult to risk by under-charging. In the first half no goals were scored, with the two teams holding zero in the rear. Unlike the second 45 minutes both goals of the match were scored, with Panseraikos being better in the field. Amr Warda in 59′ made 1–0 with a proper penalty execution, with Pablo Garcia’s team doubling the goals to 74’s Harry in Tasos Avlonitis goal. The final 2-0 stayed until the final whistle, with homeowners taking a major three-pointer, with which they were removed from the last positions of the score. Pablo Garcia’s band now has 30 points, one less than Star Tripoli, who is in first place the special score of the playout, Panseraikos (Garsia): Hovan, Deligiannidis, Diamantis (Aylonitis 46′), Bergstrom, Petaurakis, Staikos, Moreira (Uentraogo 62′), Hatzistravos (Sophianos 67′), Warda, Woolery (Tomas 60′), Bettankore (Alexic 75′). Star of Tripoli (Rastavac): Tsiftsis, Garthia, Christopoulos (Atientha 60′), Kastano, Alvares, Alagbe (Gos 79′), Surlis (Yablonski 46′), Palasios (Regkis 60′), Bartolo (Mantzis 79′), Kalchas, Miritello.