Chalkida: Work Accident on Ship Sewing at Shipyards

It was marked at noon, with the unfortunate man killed in the shipyards, on the ship he was working on… The unfortunate man was killed instantly on the ship he was working on. In front of colleagues who failed and failed to help him. The labor accident caused a pandemonium on the ship, which was docked at the shipyards in Chalkida, with an ambulance rushing quickly, but rescuers having no room to bring the victim back. An investigation has already begun into the exact circumstances of the tragedy, with eyewitnesses remaining shocked. The labour accident occurred at noon on Saturday (30/3) in Chalkida Shipyards. A worker about 50 years old, working on a ship was reportedly crushed by iron doors resulting in death instantly. According to, for his release powerful forces of the Chalcis Fire Department were mobilized, but for the unfortunate worker it was late, as he recovered without his senses. The Central Port Authority of Chalkidas undertook the preliminary examination for this tragic event.