Pandora’s box was not a box – it Was…

Pandora (pan + gifts) is…
archetypal form of the Greek mythology, where it is referred to as the first mortal woman, cause of all the evils in Hesiod and the biblical Eve. The myth of Pandora, not so much as αρχετυπικής shape, mother of all women, but as a result of all the passions, because of the περιέργειάς has done around the world.
Out of foolishness, curiosity or deliberately, the Pandora according to the myth, released and scattered mankind all the evils and diseases that were hidden in a pot — which in the wrong it was to be referred to as a “box”. But in fact the box was a jar. The wrong translation is still going on today.

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on earth and the “box” was actually a large jar that contained all the evils of the world. The gods gave her many gifts: Aphrodite gave her beauty, Apollo gave her the talent for music, Hermes gave her speech and the Athena’s clothes. When Pandora opened the funding with all the suffering in the world and realized that there’s something deadly hung up quickly, Within the funding was left only the hope, the expectation.
The word used in mythology to describe the container it was a “pithos” – that is, a large jar, sometimes the size of a small person. Jar used for storing wine, olive oil, as well as rituals as a container for human bodies were ready for burial.
Pandora and the myth of escape the evils and disasters of the world, depicted from ancient times to today, in hundreds of works of art. Keeping the box and continuing the misunderstanding through the centuries.

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