Panathinaikos: Yuri Lodigin was invited to Russia National

His was invited to the Russian National Team, with him returning to his country’s representative band after eight years. Yuri Lodigin who is having a very good time with Panathinaikos, was invited to the National Russian, with the 34-year-old goalkeeper of the “trifyllion” returning to the team for the first time since 2016. Lodigin will be on the National Serbia mission for friendly relations with Serbia and Paraguay in March, a very important moment for him. In fact, Lodigin is invited to represent Russia for the first time since 2016, while by then he had written 11 entries with the coat of arms. See this post on Instagram. Lodigin belonging to Panathinaikos since the summer of 2022 measures a total of 21 appearances with the “trifl” on the chest for all events.