Russia: 500 euros fine to two women who published videos kissing

Court announced that it sentenced two young women to a fine of 500 euros, who kissed in a restaurant and then published a video of them, with the background of the complete repression of LGBTKI+ communities in the country. In this video posted on social media in Russia, women are distinguished from sitting at a table and pretending to accept a marriage proposal before offering each other a ring and exchanging a kiss. The accused, two women aged 19 and 24, whose names were not released, were found guilty on the basis of an article against “propaganda in favour of non-traditional relations or sexual preferences,” the Krasnodar region’s (south) judicial press service (south) on Telegram said today. The court condemned them in paying a “administrative fine of 50,000 rubles each”, i.e. around 500 euros, despite the “sorry” they requested earlier before police officers. In footage broadcast by the state news agency Ria Novosti one of the young women is distinguished, with her face covered after technical processing, explaining to the police commander that it was a “plaque” made to their followers on social media. WOMEN ARRESTED IN RUSSIA FOR ‘LGBT PROPAGANDA’ AFTER POSTING VIDEO OF THEM KISSING DUE TO LOWS IN RUSSIA FOR ‘LGBT propaganda,’ two young women were raised in Russia after posting a video of them kissing. They both made apologies in substance after being told by… — On Pulse News (@RealOnPulseNews) According to the indictment, “in February 2024, these two residents of Krasnodar city published a video clip, in which an inappropriate behavior was presented in a public space”. Since 2013, a law in Russia prohibits the “propaganda” of “non-traditional sexual relations” addressed to minors. The law was extended in late 2022 to ban any form of “propaganda” in favour of the LGBTKI+ community in the media, the internet, books and films.