Panathinaikos – PAOK: With Gentwei the mission of the “trill”

He entered his mission in view of the derby of the “trify” against PAOK, with the Croatian defender overcoming the injury problem he was facing. With Tin Gentwei in his mission Panathinaikos will face PAOK, meanwhile derby for the second Super League playoffs, a fairly important return for the “greens”. Croatian central defender has overcome the injury problem he has faced in recent weeks, with Fatih Terim including him in his “chosen” for derby. Apart from a mission for Panathinaikos, Bart Sencephald, Aitor and Vitor Hugo were left. Our team’s mission for home game against PAOK! — Panathinaikos F.C. (@paofc_) It is worth noting that Panathinaikos’ last training in the face of the derby against PAOK, was done, who wanted to cheer the footballers of the “trifyllion”.