Panathinaikos – PAOK: The instructions of the “river” towards the derby team world

Panathinaikos faces PAOK for the second Super League race, with the “trifl” through an announcement recommending special attention to the team’s world to be on the Alexander Avenue field. After all, with the new sports law the measures have become much more stringent, which results in the hosts recommending attention in view of derby. Panathinaikos’ press release The presence of our fans at the avenue stands in the current race (6 p.m.) of Panathinaikos against PAOK should be the appropriate one, so that the team does not lack the possibility of the fans being present in the next decisive – to achieve our goals – games, because someone acted recklessly. To protect our headquarters it is necessary to cooperate with everyone. We don’t answer all kinds of challenges! Our strength is our voice! The new law is particularly strict, predicting “heavy” penalties, directly applicable, which go up to a new ban on fans entering the stadium. Today on the Avenue it is strictly forbidden to light—and of course to fire—fires, blasts, smokes, flares and all sorts of Bengali. It is also forbidden to drop bottles and objects, use lasers, banners with political and abusive messages. Even an isolated incident suffices to close the stadium again in the next home game. The stadium doors will be opened at 16.00 and due to the strict checks to be carried out, the fans of this competition’s tickets will be invited to arrive in time to avoid crowding, suffering and delaying their access to the stands, thus contributing to normality. By the new law any fan who does not have a nominal ticket not just cannot enter the stadium, but is also fined 500 euros by the Police. In the control of identity in case a fan is found with a ticket to another name, both the holder and the beneficiary will be fined 10 times the value of each ticket, a penalty will be imposed for exclusion from the stadiums, while FC will be punished by closing the door where the infringement took place. The stadium will operate six (6) pre-control points for checking tickets and identity. In detail the pre-checks are as follows: Pre-control 1 Streets: Armolos and Thieves & Panathinaikos Pre-control 2 Ways: Philimony & Choha Pre-control 3 Ways: Choha & P. Kyriakou (on Choha) Pre-check 4 Ways: P. Kyriakou & Choha (on P. Kyriak) Pre-control 5 Ways: P. Kyriakou & L. Alexandras Pre-control 6 Ways: Panathinaikos & L. Alexandras Specifically: Ticket holders of doors 13-14 will pass exclusively from Pre-Controls 1 & 6. Ticket holders of doors 8-9-10-11-12 will pass through Pre-Controls 2 & 3. Ticket holders of doors 6-7 will pass through Pre-Controls 4 & 5. With regard to ports 1-2-3-3 B-5 fans will be checked exclusively at the doors. Checking fans at pre-check points does not invalidate control at door entrances. By decision of the Greek State, the physical control of the fans in the pre-controls and at the entrance to the doors of the stadium will now be carried out by the Greek Police and will be thorough and particularly strict. We support Panathinaikos only with our voice!