Eudokia Rummeliotis: I am now careful how to interview

‘ I was sad, it was very bad, all the shows played it,” said Edokia Roumeliotis interviewed the show “Two at 10” and Eri Vardakis. The actress also replied about the word “crazy” she said about her husband and which was misunderstood by many. “They asked me a similar question about the match and I said that my husband and I met with a match. I don’t mean a match in the old sense that women took a man they didn’t want. He mentioned in the interview how I want the man, and I missed the word “poof.” And they said on some shows, “Well, she said her husband a jerk?” and I was sad. I said it so tenderly and sweetly, my husband heard it and laughed,” Eudokia Roumeliotis originally said. Eudocia Rummeliotis then said: “How bad is it to say something with such tenderness, that the word may indeed have been inflexible, but do you not understand the way the other person calls it? It was bad, everybody played it the next day and you’re going to say I don’t want to interview again. I’m now careful with how to interview. I can’t stand the poor reproduction of my words because it affects my family.”