Panathinaikos – Milonas 1-3: Historical qualification in the volleyball cup final

Milo did his miracle again. The New Smyrna team won Panathinaikos 3-1 in the first semi-final of the Final Four of Larissa and qualified for the first time in its history in the volleyball cup final. Panathinaikos was the ultimate favourite for qualifying for the volleyball cup final, however Milos had a different view. The team of Sakis Psarra played excellent volleyball once again this season and “shocked” the clover, celebrating a historical qualification. In the final of the volleyball cup, which is scheduled for Saturday (30/03) at 20:15, Milos will face the winner of the Olympiacos – PAOK couple. Early-early in the first set, Panathinaikos was invited to manage the injury of Jerethuel, who suffered a heavy sprain and left the teren by submitting from his teammates. Milos took advantage of the confusion in the “green” camp from the loss of his main quarterback, took a 5 point difference (11-16) and closed the set with 25-19. Panathinaikos “reacted” in the second set, took from early security difference from the team of Sakis Psarra, managed his progress and in the first of six sets-ball that had closed the set Protopsaltis in 25-18. In the third set Milos dominated completely from beginning to end. The New Smyrna team was impressive in service and reception with Jordanov and Molina in a terrible state, “taking off” the difference in +10 (11-21) against a Panathinaikos who had no “answer” and took a 2-1 lead again in the sets. Amazing was the battle of the two teams in the 4th set, with tremendous variations in score and a point-by-point duel. Molina’s blocks gave “air” 4 points to Milos (10-14), but Panathinaikos with a 5-0 streak with Vulkidis at the service managed to pass ahead with 15-14. The Neosmirnians recovered the lead and critical time (amid a three-challenge streak in marginal phases by the two coaches), passed ahead with two points, but Panathinaikos at the critical time broke Milos’ two bowls (22-24) and tied to 24-24. A “rally” point-by-point followed up to Jordanov’s single block in 27–28, which gave the great victory to Milo in his 6th match-ball and qualification to the grand final. Sets : 19-25, 25-18, 13-25, 27-29.