Panathinaikos: A small fan of PAOK made her dream come true and accompanied Koulierakis on the Avenue

FC helped make the wish of a little friend come true. Little Sophia accompanied Constantine Koulierakis to the playing field of Avenue. Panathinaikos gave a small fan of PAOK the opportunity to accompany Konstantinos Koulierakis from the wind to the playing field of the Avenue before the start of yesterday’s derby between the two teams. Little Sophia’s mother contacted the “green” FC and the… dream came true. In fact, the young lady spoke in the social media of the “trify” about this experience: “I am Sophia. I am a fan of PAOK and today I am here for the game with Panathinaikos. They let me come here and I am very happy and I thank Panathinaikos. From today I will applaud the goals of PAOK and Panathinaikos. I wrote it in my diary. I’ve asked Santa. I don’t know. And it finally came true. My dream has come true.” In fact, little Sophia took a commemorative photo with Lodigin, Ruben, Mancini and Palasios of Panathinaikos. See this post on Instagram. “ Little Sophia woke up with great joy yesterday, feeling that this day would be different. It was the day of the race where her favorite @paok_fc would face @fcpanathinaikos on the Avenue field. Her mother contacted Panathinaikos FC and expressed her desire to accompany her favorite player at the entrance of the teams. Holding her favorite footballer’s hand escorted him to the field before the game started. It was a dream come true. Because no childhood dream should remain unfulfilled! This moment will remain forever in her heart. This moment will (must) remain to all of us unforgettable, because this is Football! FOLLOWING people, recalling that love for the game is common and above colors! “ says Panathinaikos FC in its post.

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