Women: Extension of the measure of suspension of employment contracts – What the deadlines for responsible declarations

The measure suspending them in enterprises active in the furry industry shall be extended until 30.6.2024. These are the operations affected by the consequences of the war in Ukraine. This measure for work contracts in furry is implemented from July 2022 to March 2024, with the same terms and conditions as the No. 67806/19-7-2022 (B 3796) CYA, as applicable. As of today (1.4.2024), the PSY is available to enterprises – employers active in the furry industry to submit declarations of suspension of employment contracts for their employees for the month April 2024, as follows: Within the period from 1/4/2024 to 5/4/2024 undertakings shall be responsible for contracts of employment of workers which may concern all months or periods thereof. From 6/4/2024 and until the end of the month, the suspension shall apply.

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